Real Technology, Real Benefits,
part 3: image quality

Real Technology, Real Benefits is a series of articles that explores the connection between satellite imaging technology and real-world applications and benefits. Read Part 1: pointing agility and Part 2: revisit rate & collection capacity. In parts 1 and 2 of … read more

Deep learning to exploit big data better
and faster

DigitalGlobe’s satellite constellation collects approximately 4 million km2 of high-resolution earth imagery each day, yielding massive amounts of information about our changing planet. To gain insight about important activities taking place around the globe and narrow the search space—finding what … read more

Creating a geospatial action plan for
climate change

At the United Nations’ COP21 this week in Paris, diplomats and delegates are focused on global climate change. The intended outcome of the conference is to establish a new universal agreement that would, for the first time, commit nearly every … read more

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