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Visual Evidence of Human Rights Abuse on the Ground in Nigeria

By DigitalGlobe | Published:

After on-the-ground reports about a mass killing of civilians carried out by Boko Haram in early January, Amnesty International set out to verify the authenticity of the reports and understand the scale of the atrocities. Limited by the isolation of the towns and the scattered testimonies of witnesses on the ground, Amnesty International worked with [...]

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery and Analysis Transforming Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers in the Developing World

By DigitalGlobe | Published:

Reshaping crop-based production systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI) is partnering on a two-year initiative to demonstrate the efficacy of very high-resolution satellite imagery and derived information in monitoring the nature and condition of smallholder farms, enabling farmers to increase crop yields through enhanced precision agriculture, facilitating improved access to [...]