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It’s Down to the Final Five – Help Choose the Top Image of 2013

By DigitalGlobe | Published:

After two weeks, and more than 26,000 votes cast, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five images! Now, in round two, you have even more ways to vote for your favorite image. In addition to “liking” the image in the new Facebook album, Top Image Contest – 2013 (Top 5 Album), you can vote [...]

Help Us Choose the Top Image of 2013

By DigitalGlobe | Published:

DigitalGlobe saw many changes in 2013, including our combination with GeoEye in February. The combination grew our constellation to five satellites, adding the capability to collect more than one billion square kilometers of imagery to our archive this year alone! As 2013 comes to a close, we’re looking back in the archive and choosing our [...]


By DigitalGlobe | Published:

On Monday, we posted a blog in an effort to help disseminate information about the tragic record-breaking typhoon that hit the Philippines on Friday. Our mission was to get FirstLook pre- and post-event satellite imagery into the hands of the public and media as quickly as possible. Further, we wanted to raise awareness about our [...]