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Information Partner Program – Saab

By DigitalGlobe | Published:

How We Work Together  Saab and DigitalGlobe enable advanced geospatial 3D data with global coverage. For more than 75 years Saab has demonstrated leadership in innovation. From jet fighters to surveillance radar systems, missiles, marine electronics, and traffic and communications systems, Saab is well-recognized for its many technological and scientific breakthroughs. And now, in partnership [...]

CORPORATE NEWS: DigitalGlobe Integrates Geospatial Insight and Information for Typhoon Haiyan Response

By DigitalGlobe | Published:

DigitalGlobe’s response to the Typhoon Haiyan crisis leveraged the company’s entire spectrum of geospatial capabilities and platforms – more so than for any other natural disaster to date. Supported by DigitalGlobe’s U.S. Government customer, these products are temporarily licensed for unrestricted use for emergency response and humanitarian activities based on the extent of the damage [...]


By DigitalGlobe | Published:

On Monday, we posted a blog in an effort to help disseminate information about the tragic record-breaking typhoon that hit the Philippines on Friday. Our mission was to get FirstLook pre- and post-event satellite imagery into the hands of the public and media as quickly as possible. Further, we wanted to raise awareness about our [...]