Eradicating polio with the help of remote sensing

The past two months have been major milestones for the eradication of polio for the entire African continent. As recently as July, Nigeria celebrated a year free of any polio cases. And yesterday on August 11, Somalia also achieved a … read more

How to know when you need an imagery basemap

Up until recently, imagery of the earth (in particular satellite imagery) was used primarily to learn more about remote locations and for scientific applications. With the advent of online and mobile mapping applications, imagery basemaps have become a cornerstone of … read more

Google Maps Engine is going away…now what?

Are you aware Google has announced it is deprecating the support to Google Maps Engine (GME) starting January 2016? What does this mean to you? If you are currently using a third-party application that leverages GME basemaps (imagery, terrain, hybrid, … read more

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