Selfie from Space and the State of the Map

The State of the Map is strong. You could use a lot more words to summarize the energy at the 2015 State of the Map U.S. conference, but why bother? This past weekend, the future of geo teamed up at … read more

DigitalGlobe Unveils 30 cm Imagery from WorldView-3

A New Era of Information and Insight About out Changing Planet DigitalGlobe’s latest WorldView-3 satellite provides imagery with unprecedented quality that allows our customers to see the Earth clearly and in new ways resulting in valuable information to save lives, … read more

From a bird, from a plane, from a … satellite?

Mount Fuji has been the subject of untold millions of photographs, but this view captured by DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite is truly unique. When the image was taken, WorldView-3 was in orbit 617 km above earth’s surface and 2,500 km southeast of … read more

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